In order to prevent heat loss during the ladle's operation, a reliable and permanent insulation is absolutely essential. Experience has shown that the insulating calcium aluminate fibre mats, which are commonly used, already begin to breakdown during the bricklaying or casting of the permanent lining, as well as when they are drenched with mortar or poured concrete. As a result, the lining loses its insulating properties even before its initial use and also destabilises the ladle lining. High-strength and high-density calcium silicate boards are an excellent alternative to conventional fibre mats. As a result of the following attributes:

  • Extremely high tensile strength (26 MPa) and the
  • Excellent insulating effect ( ג= 0,22 W/mK at 100°C)

They are easy to work with and install, and do not lose their insulating properties when the ladle is transferred to the tundish.

LCA 845 insulating boards can be purchased with dimensions measuring 1250 mm x 750 mm and thicknesses ranging from 10 to 30 mm. Conventional tools are all you need to work with the boards, for example to make holes for anchors or cut the boards down to size.

LCA 845 insulating boards are not only suitable for insulating steel casting ladles – they are also designed for use with pig iron ladles, torpedo ladles, electric arc furnaces and tundish vessels.


Due to their excellent adhesive quality and ease of use, ALUTECT mortars are ideal for:

  • attaching LCA 845 insulating boards to the ladle lining
  • Grouting permanent lining platelets

ALUTECT as available as dry mortar, which can be mixed and applied on-site, as well as ready-to-use mortar, which is pre-mixed and simply needs to be stirred before use.


The type of anchors used to secure the monolithic/unshaped permanent linings to ladles and their distribution has a direct impact on the lifespan of the permanent lining. The correct geometry and positioning reduce cracking and stabilise the monolithic/unshaped permanent lining. Our technical consultants are happy to help you choose the right anchors for your needs.

Types of Anchors

Crimped V-anchors, material reference number, sizes, expansion compensation.

Monolithic/unshaped permanent lining

Our monolithic/unshaped permanent lining represents an interesting alternative to masoned linings. Compared to a permanent lining constructed with bricks, a monotlithic/unshaped lining minimises the risk of a failure in the lining.

Ladle rim

The rim of the ladle must withstand the highest levels of stress during the ladle's operation and can be strengthened with various solutions using PURMETALL products. From the ramming mass through the gunning application all the way to tabular alumina casting or bauxite mass – PURMETALL has all your solutions ready and waiting.

Backfilling mass

In order to reduce lining failures – in the case of masoned aggregates – and to protect the permanent lining, our backfilling mass are an excellent solution. They create little dust and are easy to use.

Well block



Here you will find the technical data relating to our mortars.

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