Refractories, Ladle Well Fillers and Synthetic Slags for the Steel Industry

Wherever liquid steel is being generated and processed under extreme conditions, refractory linings provide high-performance protection for both.

Regardless of whether for a new construction or repair, our products have been known for their reliability and cutting-edge technology for more than 60 years.

Our refractory products will help you sleep safe and sound!



Purmetall's aggregate products are very versatile. The products are customised for each specific use in order to optimise steel production processes. Applying Purmetall's repair material, joint mortars, pre-fabricated components and castables, to steel casting ladles enables an efficient working process for our customers. In the process of continuous casting, we optimise the casting and flow conditions and ensure splatter-free casting. Find out about other applications for Purmetall's products! 


Our products are custom-made. We manufacture monolithic/unshaped refractories. The product range includes a wide selection of different product types: the acidic and alkaline materials, granulated ladle well fillers with varying grain sizes and pulver and much more. Which product are you looking for? Our qualified service team will help you find out. Please find our full range of products here.


Machines and manipulators

Things run better with the right equipment. We are happy to provide you with the appropriate machinery solutions for using our products.

Ladle well filler

Purmetall's ladle well filler will help you achieve the highest opening rates – constantly and reproducibly!